Family Partnership Program

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For more information, contact us! Email: or Phone: 989-358-5132

Enrollment forms can be mailed to: Jen Myers - Family Partnership
2373 Gordon Road Alpena, MI 49707 or emailed to

The Alpena Family Partnership has begun registration for the current school year and will continue with registration throughout the summer until classes begin. We would love to partner with your family as you homeschool your students. Visit our District Course Catalog for a full list of offerings.

We are a resource for those who feel our offerings enhance their child's educational journey. We are excited for the opportunity to extend a welcome to all students who live in the state of Michigan to join our program.

Our Partnership offers non-essential courses, which are like electives, through an online delivery method. To enhance these online courses, we offer weekly Optional Learning Experiences, or OLEs. All of our courses are free of charge and available for all students in grades K-12 within the homeschool setting, public school setting and/or parochial school setting.  There is also an opportunity for an optional 13th year with early college courses. Since our partnership classes are all in non-essential subject areas, the essential subject areas (math, science, language arts and social studies) are taught at home unless the child is fully enrolled in the district and taking essential subjects through the school or through a district-offered online class.

The Alpena Partnership is a collaboration between parents, Alpena Public Schools and the community. We have hired the best certified teachers to instruct your students supported by community experts.

OLEs will meet weekly every Tuesday throughout the school year with holiday breaks in between. All OLEs will be held at  the Sunset Elementary building in Alpena as well as various businesses around the community.

Enrollment Form

For more information, contact us! Email: or Phone: 989-358-5132

Enrollment forms can be mailed to: Jen Myers - Family Partnership
2373 Gordon Road Alpena, MI 49707 or emailed to

The mission of this Family Partnership Program (FPP) is to provide innovative and cutting edge educational opportunities that will service all learners in our community.  All opportunities in the FPP will be free of charge and offered to all.  It will bring together community leaders, business leaders, parents, educators and students.  We will encourage and help facilitate cooperative partnerships.  Through careful listening, observation and reflection on how learning takes place, we will create pathways of individualized learning through project-based and virtual learning.

The FPP will promote a learning environment that will offer the opportunity for students, parents, community leaders, business owners and others in our community to come together to offer real world opportunities.

The FPP will offer an opportunity for students to learn freely, exploring what they are interested in and connecting with those in the community that have expertise in their area of interest.  It will be a place for them to share knowledge with others.

The students will learn in real life situations, experiencing hands-on opportunities mentored by experts in their area of study. 

The atmosphere of this FPP will be warm and welcoming to community leaders, business leaders, parents, educators, students and other participants.

What is the residency requirement for enrollment?

K-12 students living in the state of Michigan.

What paperwork is required for homeschool students to enroll?

Enrollment requires a one page registration application, birth certificate and vaccination records/immunization waiver form.

When would classes run?

The online module work and the weekly classes run from September through May and can be completed anytime during the week at home or in our computer lab at the partnership building.

Where would classes meet?

Some classes meet at our Family Partnership building at 1421 Hobbs Drive in Alpena, while other classes take place at local businesses around the Alpena area.

How many classes could each student take?

Students may sign up part-time with up to four Partnership classes or enroll full-time and blend core classes online with partnership classes. (our partnership classes are non-essential classes which are like elective classes in the areas of music, art, physical activity, robotics, and other supplemental subjects that are not in the core subjects of reading, math, science or social studies).

Who will be teaching the classes?

Each class has a certified teacher as the teacher of record that directly works with the instruction in coordination with an expert in their field from the community that’s skilled in their area.

Will parents need to remain at the Partnership facility during their children's class times?

Yes, each student must have a parent, or an adult designated by the parent (referred to as a proctor), on site and ready to assist the student if a need arises.

How is the Partnership funded?

The per pupil foundation grant received by the school district from the State for students attending Partnership classes funds the expenses incurred in the Partnership.

What additional opportunities will there be for high school age students enrolled in the partnership?

Students in grades 9-12 will have the opportunity, if they choose, to enroll in Alpena Community College classes to receive up to 60 free college credits or they can attend CTE classes at the high school to earn a trade skill certificate. They also will be able to participate on the school's sports teams and after-school clubs.

For more information, contact us!

Mail enrollment forms to:

Jen Myers - Family Partnership
2373 Gordon Road
Alpena, MI 49707