Agriscience & Natural Resources

Discover how science and technology have changed the way we produce and care for plants and animals!

New developments have caused agriculture needs to explode into one of the most exciting and fascinating industries of our time.

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Experience Hands-On Learning

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Gain Leadership Experience In FFA

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Gain Knowledge at Working Farms

Are You Interested In:

  • Working outside with plants and animals
  • Growing plants, and greenhouse technology
  • Animal health, genetics, and nutrition

Agriscience will teach you:

  • Anatomy and physiology of animals
  • Plant and soil nutrition
  • Machinery and tools used in agriculture

Careers in Agriscience:

  • Dairy and livestock management
  • Landscaping, horticulture, and crop management
  • Machinery operation

Student at a grape farm

Have Fun - Get Involved

  • Students can join FFA where they gain knowledge in leadership and careers in the science, business and technology of agriculture.
  • Join in on various community service activities throughout the year
  • Greenhouse Projects
  • Community Plant Sales
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Earn College Credit & Certifications

  • ARTICULATED CREDIT – By identifying comparable coursework, your high school has partnered with local colleges to create agreements that give you FREE COLLEGE CREDIT for the high school classes you are taking that have equivalent content as college classes.

    DIRECT CREDIT/CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT – Students earn college credit by taking college-level courses taught by credentialed instructors at their high school. There is a fee associated with this type of credit

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Agriscience Courses

Some courses have prerequisites and require instructor approval. For complete course descriptions and prerequisite requirements click here to visit our district course catalog.


Students will explore animal anatomy and physiology, animal genetics and reproduction, animal health and nutrition, agricultural business, and careers.


Students will explore plant anatomy and physiology, soils and plant nutrition, natural resources systems, plant culture, and propagation as well as environmental systems in a newly constructed greenhouse. 

Wildlife Science

A focus on animal science concepts as they relate to wildlife and the outdoors including:: animal systems: respiration, circulation, reproduction, and digestion. Other areas to be studied are habitat, genetics, population control measures, disease, and other related issues such as hunting and fishing. 

Introduction to Forestry

The main thrust of topics covered will include tree identification, land use, standing timber, log and lumber measurement, woodlot management, safety, equipment maintenance, computer application, wildlife management, and wood identification.

Innovations In Agriscience I

Hydroponics, aquaculture, horticulture, green energy, GPS, integrated pest management, and niche marketing are a few of the many areas of study in this newly designed course.  Prerequisite: At least one Agriscience class previously AND instructor approval

Innovations In Agriscience II

This is the second year of the two-year sequence for Agriscience. Prerequisite: Innovations in 

Agriscience Business Management

Specifically for advanced students, the subject matter will be directed at a wide array of agri-business topics such as marketing, record keeping, computer applications, futures, business layout, and operation. Money management, state and federal tax forms, field experiences, equipment operation are also explored. INDEPENDENT STUDY ONLY Prerequisite: Instructor approval

Agricultural Equipment Management

Agricultural Equipment Management is a course designed to allow students to gain practical experience with machinery, tools, and light mechanics. Topics to be studied include hydraulics, friction, safety, electrical systems, energy sources, project management, and other related subjects.  INDEPENDENT STUDY ONLY Prerequisite: Instructor approval 

AG & Natural Resources Research

Students will have the opportunity to explore and study Agriscience and Natural Resources concepts in greater depth as they conduct academic and hands-on research in an area of interest. INDEPENDENT STUDY ONLY Prerequisite: Instructor approval