Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I register my child for school?

A. Visit the Central Registration office at the Gordon Administrative Building at 2373 Gordon Road in Alpena (map). It's a good idea to call ahead to make sure we're ready to assist you. The number to call is 989-358-5025 or call our Switchboard at 989-358-5200.

Q. What information do I need to register my child for school?

A. Please bring a certified copy of the child's birth certificate, immunization records, and a proof of residency (a copy of a utility bill or some other document verifying your address).

Q. Why do I need proof of residency to register my child for school?

A. Our secretaries need proof of residency information to verify that your child does indeed live within the boundaries of Alpena Public Schools and to ensure that you're registered at the correct school (for elementary students).

Q. How do I request permission for my child to attend a different elementary school besides the one we would normally attend?

A. Through our district's "open enrollment" policy, families may request special permission for their child to attend a different elementary school. Visit any school office to obtain the necessary request form. The Assistant Superintendent for Instruction makes the final decision about "open enrollment" or "special permission" requests based on a number of factors including class sizes, attendance history, and behavior issues. Contact the Office of Instruction at 989-358-5015 for more information.

Q. Where can I find out about the APS curriculum?

A. There is a curriculum link in the menu bar at the left. These pages summarize the K-6 curriculum. For more detailed information, or to review curricula for grades 7-12, visit any building office. Our curriculum and materials are available for review.

Q. What is the school dress code?

A. Student dress can have an impact on their learning and safety as well as the learning and safety of others. Therefore, APS students should come to school dressed neatly and prepared to learn. Excessively tight or revealing clothing is not permitted, along with excessively baggy clothes which can interfere with certain activities. Clothing depicting violence, drugs, alcohol, racism, or profanity are not tolerated. For more specific questions, contact your building principal.

Q. When is my child's bus pick-up/drop-off time?

A. Alpena Public Schools provides bus transportation for all students living within district boundaries to and from their regular school of attendance. (Students attending a school by special permission must arrange for their own transportation.) Specific pick-up and drop-off information can be obtained by calling either your school office or the Transportation Office at 358-5790.

Q. Who do I contact if I have a suggestion or complaint?

A. It's usually a good idea to start at the building level. In most cases, your concerns can be addressed directly by either building staff members or the building principal. If you are unable to come to a satisfactory solution, contact the Office of Instruction at 989-358-5015. Your concern will be routed from there if necessary.

Q. How are snow days and emergency closings determined?

A. When bad weather or other emergency situations occur, student safety is our first concern. In consultation with local law enforcement and the APS Transportation Director, the Superintendent must make the difficult decision to close school. In order to get the word out to bus drivers and the media, this decision must be made by 5:30 AM for full-day closure. In the case of early dismissal, the decision is usually made well before noon so that buses can be mobilized to make secondary (7-12) and elementary bus runs.

Q. My child is not feeling well. Should s/he come to school or not?

A. Parents and guardians are urged to use common sense (sometimes along with professional medical guidance) to determine whether to send a child to school. There's no "pat" answer, but generally speaking, a child with a fever, vomiting, other other severe symptoms should stay home. Children with mild cold symptoms (no fever) may attend school.

Q. How do I pay my child's food service bill?

A. For students who pay for meals (either full pay or reduced price meals), we encourage pre-payment. The pre-payment arrangement eliminates the morning scramble for cash and lost lunch money. Forms for pre-payment can be obtained at any school office, and any balance remaining at the end of the year will be refunded.

Q. How do I get a flier inserted in elementary Friday Folders or an announcement made in newsletters?

A. Only non-profit organizations may submit fliers or announcements for elementary newsletters. For information about newsletter announcements, call the Office of Instruction at 989 358-5015.

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