Bond Information

On January 30, 2019, the Alpena Public Schools Board of Education unanimously approved placing a $63 million bond proposal on the May 7th ballot. The main purpose of the bond proposal is to make significant student safety and school security upgrades. In addition to safety and security upgrades, the funds raised will be invested in updating and replacing many items which are well beyond their life expectancy. These items include roofs, boilers, mechanical systems, electrical systems, rest rooms, door locking hardware, lockers, kitchens, and parking lots.

Every project in the bond proposal has been reviewed and approved by the Michigan Department of Treasury. And, all renovations and upgrades will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The information on this page is provided to make sure members of the community understand the proposal and that all of their questions are answered before the vote which the Board of Education has scheduled for May 7th. Check back frequently as new information will be added as the scheduled voting day approaches.

PDF DocumentPress Release - 1/30/19

Preliminary Bond Projects/Costs by Building

The document below lists the bond proposal projects and costs by building.

These projects have all been reviewed and approved by the Michigan Department of Treasury. In addition, all projects will comply with fire and safety codes applicable to educational institutions. They will also be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The costs of these projects will be finalized when the bid process is completed.

PDF DocumentPreliminary Bond Projects Costs by Building

Property Tax Calculator

We have prepared an online tax calculator that estimates the impact on a taxpayer's bill if voters approve the May 7 bond request.

External LinkOnline Tax Calculator

Comprehensive Project List

If the May 7, 2019 bond proposal is approved by Alpena Public Schools voters, a number of projects will be completed at each school. Below is a list of projects for review. Questions about the projects can be directed to Superintendent John VanWagoner at 989-358-5042.

Note that the bonds will be issued in two series, the first in 2019 and the second in 2022. Hence, Series 1 projects will begin in 2019 and Series 2 projects (at Alpena High School) will begin in 2022.

PDF DocumentBond Project Listing

Frequently Asked Questions

To help voters understand the bond proposal that the Board of Education has placed on the May 7, 2019 ballot, we have prepared a "Frequently Asked Questions" document. For questions not addressed in this document, contact Superintendent John VanWagoner at 989-358-5042.

PDF DocumentFrequently Asked Questions


Call any APS principal, or contact Superintendent John VanWagoner at 989-358-5042.