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Since its inception in 2002, the Alpena High School Alumni Hall of Fame has recognized a diverse set of distinguished graduates. Members stretch from the class of 1936 to the class of 1994 and encompass a broad range of community contributors and recognized leaders.

Selection Committee Members

  1. APS Director of Communications (Chairperson)
  2. Superintendent Representative
  3. AHS Teacher
  4. Board Member
  5. AHS Student
  6. Media Representative
  7. Community Organization Leader
  8. Community members (2)

Appointments to the selection committee will be for three years. In the event a selection committee member is unable to fulfill his/her duties to this committee, the APS Director of Communications will name a replacement.

Hall of Fame Nomination Rules and Procedures

Each year a total of no more than five (5) people will be inducted into the Alpena High School Hall of Fame. In the event that not enough qualified candidates are nominated during a particular year, fewer than three (3) candidates may be inducted that year.

At least ten (10) years must have passed before a graduate can be considered for membership into the Hall of Fame.

Nomination forms will be made available to the public. They will be available in the main office of the Alpena High School or can be downloaded by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Nominations must be made in writing by anyone 18 years old or older. The completed nomination forms must be turned in to the AHS Main Office, 3303 S. Third Street, Alpena, Michigan by April 15.

The information included on the nomination forms will be verified as much as possible by the selection committee.

Alumni Selection Process

The AHS Main Office will provide each committee member with nomination forms, background data provided with the application, and a biographical sketch for each nominee prior to the selection committee meeting. The committee will meet prior to June 30 for discussion and inductee selection.

In the voting process, there will be two (2) votes, taken. In the initial vote, each member will vote for five (5) candidates to narrow down the field. The five (5) candidates with the most votes will then be voted upon a second time. Each committee member will then vote for three (3) candidates. The three (3) nominees with the most votes will then receive the AHS Alumni Hall of Fame award. However, in order to receive this award, each candidate must have a minimum number of six (6) votes.

Once a candidate is nominated, their name will be reconsidered for a period of three (3) years; the year submitted plus the two (2) subsequent years. If the candidate has not been selected, they can then be re-nominated at the end of that term.

Following the selection, inductees will be notified of their successful nomination.  The inductees will be expected to respond that they accept the honor and plan to attend the festivities.

Selection of inductees will occur annually.

Recognition of Hall of Fame Inductees

Each inductee will receive a plaque in honor of his/her accomplishments presented at the homecoming football game.
Each inductee will have his/her name added to the AHS Alumni Hall of Fame.
A permanent plaque recognizing each inductee will be added to the AHS Alumni Hall of Fame display at Alpena High School.

Know a distinguished graduate?

Nominate him/her to be considered for the Hall of Fame!

Google DocAlumni Nomination Form

Nominations are accepted through April 15.

Alumni and Friends of Alpena High School, times are difficult for public schools. Alpena Public Schools is no exception. Our community is facing tough economic times, and that means our students are also struggling.

Our students are tomorrow's leaders! Help us give them the same opportunities we had while in school. If you are able to "give back" to your school, check out the suggestions below. All our schools can benefit from your generosity.

AHS Excellence Fund

The Excellence Fund was established to provide a way for graduates to support Alpena High School. Gifts in any amount can be directed to support athletics, building fix-up projects (i.e. showcases, etc.), classroom needs, student activities or student personal needs. Donations are distributed by the AHS Excellence Fund Committee. Donations in any amount are welcomed and appreciated.

Google DocDonation Form

Alpena Public Schools Endowment Fund

Managed by the Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan, the Endowment Fund is composed of three funds, the Academic Fund, the Athletic Fund, and the Scholarship Fund. Information on giving to the APS Endowment Fund can be found by visiting

Monetary Gifts to Any APS School

Perhaps you have fond memories of your time at an APS elementary school, our Junior High School or ACES Academy. Donations of any amount can be made at any time to support any elementary or secondary school.

Memorial Gifts and Endowments

Gifts in memory or in honor of a loved one are accepted any time. Endowments can reach through the years and touch lives for generations to come. Speak to your financial advisor to learn how you can make a lasting contribution to quality education in Alpena.

A Gift of Time

Our students and staff can benefit from the gift of your time. Pass your knowledge and experience on to the next generation! Contact any school to learn how you can volunteer.

Alpena Public Schools is a 501(c)3 organization.