Counseling Corner

High School Counselors

Vision Statement for Alpena High School Counseling Department

  We believe that every student’s high school experience is unique to them, and we are strongly committed to helping all students create a path that uses their individual gifts and talents to build a fulfilling and satisfying career and life journey.  We believe counselors impact the Alpena High School culture by identifying systemic needs, addressing inequities, supporting both students and staff, and building a positive and engaging school environment.

  We are excited about partnering with our students to create a high school experience which will challenge them and prepare them for a great future!

Suicide Hotline

Susan Riedlinger
Counselor (F-L)
Andrea Nino-Linton
Counselor (M-R)
Robyn Miller
Counselor (S-Z)
Laurie Nugent
Early College Coordinator