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Alpena Career and College Readiness

Alpena Career and College Access Network is a community grant funded project to help prepare kids for future success. Visit for information that will help students to be financially, socially and academically prepared for success after high school. Attaining education and training for future careers is vital for individuals and our community's future.

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Math Support

Looking for help in math? Here are some links that can help:

Reading Ideas

Although Alpena Public Schools does not publish an official reading list, we certainly encourage reading all year long! Here is a list of links to some reading ideas. These lists have been reviewed by educators and provide suggestions for students (and parents) looking for a good book to help any season pass a little more pleasantly! Note that these lists are not created by APS and the District is not responsible for the contents of these links.

Online Gradebook for Students & Families

Our new Synergy online grading system is being configured. Logins for parents and students are being reset. New login information will be distributed in mid-September.

The Synergy Student VUE and ParentVUE systems allows students and parents secure access to information about grades, assignments, and attendance as well as instructional resources to help support student success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are our StudentVUE and ParentVUE passwords?
A: The Synergy system generates a new user registration key which we will distribute to families. Each family should receive a copy of those letters, which includes login information.

Q: What's my username for the StudentVUE or ParentVUE system?
A: You will set your own username and password to access these systems. Once you receive your registration key, follow the included instructions to set up your account.

Q: What if I forget my password?
A: The login screen includes a link to follow for help to reset your password if you forget.

Q: Who can access the Synergy StudentVUE and ParentVUE systems?
A: Students and parents from any APS school may log on using the username and password they set up.

Q: What about students in grades K-2?
A: Students in the early elementary years do not receive traditional letter grades until 3rd grade. The types of records gathered by teachers in grades K-2 are not usually helpful to parents in the same way records of grades and assignments might be. If you are parent of a child in K-2 and have a concern about your child's progress, it's best to speak to the teacher directly. You may access ParentVUE online, but you'll get much more helpful information about your young child's learning through one-on-one conversation.

Q: Do students and parents get different passwords? What about separated/divorced families?
A: Our system generates usernames and passwords for each individual user. We ask separate families to help by sharing information as appropriate for the benefit of the student.

Q: Is ParentVUE or StudentVUE information secure?
A: Yes. No one except your student's teacher(s) or other authorized official (like a building secretary helping with attendance), can access or change this information. Your gradebook information is as secure as your username and password, so do not share login information with anyone.  

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APS always appreciates your support!

Acceptable Use Policy

All internet activity is monitored and recorded in detail. Failure to follow the District's Acceptable Use Policy for Students or the policies set forth by your school or instructor may result in the loss of your internet privileges and/or referral to school administrators.