New gym floor
Park Family Field at Wildcat Stadium
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Students seated at 2019 Graduation ceremony

Alpena High School

Our Mission

Alpena High School is dedicated to producing 21st Century Graduates

Alpena High School is a Class A school with a well-developed and sophisticated program of academics, practical arts and vocational education for students in grades 9-12. At Alpena High, all students are required to do coursework in English, math, computers, science and social studies. The academic foundation is supplemented with electives in fine arts, foreign language, vocational education, industrial arts, physical education, and advanced courses in academic and technical fields.

Teachers and counselors attend to students' physical, emotional, and academic well-being, working to give them a good learning experience in a caring atmosphere. If AHS is big, it is not impersonal; it looks with pride on each individual success.

The facility itself is a modern complex of seven connected brick and glass buildings on spacious wooded grounds. Alpena High School includes:

  • A large, well-appointed auditorium
  • A newly remodeled media center featuring a student-run Credit Union
  • A large gymnasium complex with separate basketball and volleyball surfaces
  • A state of the art Career Technical Education program
  • Labs for chemistry, biology, physics, earth science, and reading
  • A student-operated store retailing clothing and various supplies
  • A cafeteria serving nutritious hot lunches

On the north portion of the campus, a center for athletics and physical education features three softball diamonds, two baseball diamonds, and the Park Family Field at Wildcat Stadium. Attached to the high school is a county-owned public swimming pool available for student use.

In addition to on-campus facilities, lab sites and work stations are located around the community, including home building sites at various locations, a 40-acre forestry lab, agricultural and co-op work stations at a number of places in the county, and a portion of the airport used as a land lab.

Alpena High serves not just district high-schoolers, but students from other high schools around the region. It is also a cultural center and a community gathering place used by citizens from all walks of life.

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  • 21 Oct
    • BOE Meeting 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
      BOE Meeting
      Date: Oct 21
      Time: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
      Calendar: District Calendar
  • 22 Oct
    • AHS Picture Re-Take Day 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
      AHS Picture Re-Take Day
      Date: Oct 22
      Time: 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
      Calendar: High School Calendar
  • 24 Oct
  • 29 Oct



Main Office

Thomas Berriman
Joyce McCoy
CTE Director
Brydi Haugerud
Betty Smigelski
Secretary - Bookkeeper
Theresa Pizzino
Secretary - Attendance
Julie Manning
Secretary - Switchboard
Officer Tim Marquardt
Liaison Officer

D-House Office

Timothy Storch
Athletic Director
Sally Donajkowski
Secretary - Athletics

E-House Office

Romeo Bourdage
Assistant Principal (N-Z)
Barbara Bennett
Traci Shumaker
Secretary - Registrar


Lori Vought
Counselor (A-G)
Mary Daoust
Counselor (H-O)
Robyn Miller
Counselor (P-Z)
Barbara Matteson
Counselor (9th Grade)

F-House Office

Katie Lee
Assistant Principal (A-M)
Kimberly Tessmer
Jesse Pattison
Student Support Facilitator

19-20 Schedule

7:35-8:34 - 1st Period
8:39-9:39 - 2nd Period
9:44-10:43 - 3rd Period

10:48-12:22 - 4th Period

Lunch (during 4th Period):
1st Lunch - 10:48-11:18
2nd Lunch - 11:18-11:48
3rd Lunch - 11:48-12:22

12:27-1:26 - 5th Period
1:31-2:30 - 6th Period

Scheduling Presentations:


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