Health Sciences Pathway

Jump Start Your Health Career!

Health Care Occupations Cluster 

The health field is the fastest growing occupational industry today and is expected to continue to grow even more in the future. The Health Care Occupations program will introduce students to the knowledge and skills required for employment within the diverse health care field. Learn everything from nursing skills to skills used by physical therapists, hospital lab technicians, surgical technicians, and many other medical assistant careers. Students will study a curriculum consisting of basic skills common to many health care occupations such as patient and worker safety, communication skills, medical ethics, nutrition, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and basic patient care skills such as vital signs and patient transferring, CPR and First Aid. Employability skills are also included. Students have an opportunity to see health care occupations in action by participating in a job-shadowing experience at MidMichigan Health Center (ARMC) and other facilities of interest. Advanced safety curriculum is included with opportunities to articulate college credit. This curriculum also enables students to explore health care careers and topics of personal interest.

Upon completion of the Health Care Occupations program students are able to find entry-level employment in nursing homes, hospitals, or doctor’s & dentist’s offices. Many CTE students continue their education to the post-secondary level to pursue specific areas such as LPN or RN training, pre-Med programs, Respiratory Therapy, Physical Therapy, Radiography or Medical Lab Technician.


Health Care Occupations Cluster

The fastest growing section of the job market is in Health Care. This course is for students considering post-secondary programs such as medicine, nursing, nurse aide, radiology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, dietitian or other health related careers.

You will be introduced to a broad base of knowledge and skills such as basic medical terminology, growth and development, roles of health care careers.  Prerequisite:  Science grade of “C” or better and completed biology. 

Health Care Occupations “B” Certification Section

This is a continuation of section A with a focus on obtaining a Nurse Assistant State Certification at course completion.  Students looking to work as a Nurse Assistant for a career, summer job or a college job should take this section.  The job outlook is very high, as are the employment rates.  Working as a Nurse Assistant satisfies the Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant and Medical degree requirements of 2000+ patient care hours. This class will focus on getting students ready to take the State written and performance evaluations.  Students may choose to take the Certification tests after completion of the class. The class will cover vital signs, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, First Aid and CPR certifications, patient care and monitoring and job shadowing at community sites.  Prerequisite:  Science grade of “C” or better and completed biology.  


Health Care Occupations “C” General Section

This course is a continuation of section A. The class will cover vital signs, anatomy and physiology, First Aid and CPR certification, nutrition and job shadowing at community sites. This section is for those students not interested in a Nurse Aid Certification. Prerequisite:  Science grade of “C” or better and completed biology.