Enrolling in Online Classes

APS onlineFollow these steps to enroll in the APS Online Education Program at Alpena Public Schools.

Step 1

Enroll with Alpena Public Schools. Visit our Enrollment page to learn what do to. (Already a registered APS student? Skip to step 2).

Step 2

Complete the Student Application Form.

Step 3

Complete the Online Course Readiness Survey.

Step 4

Send these documents to APS Online Education by any of the following:

Email - OnlineEd@alpenaschools.com
Mail - 3303 South Third Alpena, Mi 49707
Fax - (989) 358-5205

Step 5

After submitting the documents above for pre-approval you will be assigned a counselor to create a list of courses to maintain your graduation track.

Step 6

Meet with the APS Online Coordinator to discuss program requirements/expectations and fill out the Student Contract.