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Welcome to online learning through Alpena Public Schools!

APS onlineBeing in the public school setting and part of its social life is best for many students, but it does not fit everyone. Online learning provides another avenue for students to take classes and earn credits toward a high school diploma.

Are you home bound, home schooled, have serious medical issues, or not enrolled/going to school? Maybe you feel other students are holding you back or you want to work at your own pace? Maybe you can't fit that class you need or want into your current schedule? Through the APS Online Education program, Alpena Public Schools offers courses in every subject, grades K through 12, taught by certified on-line instructors.  Best of all, it’s free to students in Michigan.

What to do next? You can...

  • Certified online instructors for students to interact with for each course
  • A local teacher to act as a mentor to keep students on track and parents informed
  • Access to many different curriculum providers with thousands of classes to choose from
  • APS Online students can also participate on the local sports teams at TBJH and AHS (regular fund raising or team fees apply)

All of these things provided at no cost to you.

APS Online, any time, any place, any pace.

Call (989) 358-5271 or Email diamonde@alpenaschools.com for more information.

Start the enrollment process now!


APS Online has many different curriculum providers available to us, not just one like many others. We have over a thousand classes for you to choose from, including more than 30 different AP courses!

K-5 Students Online Program Choices

TBJH Semester Two Options

For a complete listing of classes check out the APS Online District Course Catalog.

For more information visit the GenNET Course Catalog or the Michigan Online Course Catalog


1: Who is eligible for enrollment?
Any Michigan resident under the age of 20 in grades K-12

2: How do I enroll?
Follow the steps on the Enrollment Page or call 989-358-5190

3: Will the program provide me with a computer if I don't have one?
APS online has laptops that can be checked out for students to use while they are in the program if needed

4: Are there enrollment deadlines?
There are no specific deadlines for students but, depending on when a student starts, a full class load may not be obtainable in the remaining time available

5: Upon completion of the program, will I receive a diploma?
Students that participate receive the diploma of the school they are registered under, either Alpena High School or Aces Academy

6: What is your curriculum based upon?
All courses are aligned with the state of Michigan Common Core Standards

7: Do you have highly qualified teachers for each subject?
Yes. Teachers are required to be highly qualified and certified in the subject area

8: Do you have more than one online provider to choose from?
Yes. We use Fuel Education most of the time but we also have access to EdisonLearning, Lincoln Learning Solutions, Edgenuity, Edmentum, MVS, K12, BYU, KHAN Academy, Odysseyware and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln HS

9: Do you accept students with a previous or active IEP?
Yes, but an IEP must be held stating that the APS Online program is the best placement for the student

10: Do you have tutoring programs available if I need help?

There is no face-to-face tutoring available currently due to COVID-19 Protocols
Once our region enters Phase 6, after school tutoring is available at the following times and places:

  • Alpena High School - Monday and Thursday from 2:45-3:45
  • ACES Academy - Tuesday-Thursday from 3:00-7:00
  • Thunder Bay Junior High - Monday-Thursday 2:30-3:30

11: Can my son or daughter participate on the TBJH or AHS sports teams?
Yes. APS Online students are considered regular students of the school they are registered under. All MHSAA qualifications must be met just like a regular student though (passing at least 4 classes, GPA 1.6 or above the previous semester, etc.)

12: If I currently home school will I have a choice in what classes my son or daughter takes?
Yes. Our counselors have shown to be flexible in coming up with a plan of courses that will lead to graduation and a high school diploma.

13: Where can I find detailed course descriptions?

For more information visit the GenNET Course Catalog or the Michigan Online Course Catalog


K-5 FAQ Page

Why pay for curriculum and materials when you can receive them for free as part of the APS Online program? Through the APS Online Education program, Alpena Public Schools offers courses in every subject from grades K through 12 taught by certified on-line instructors.

Enjoy the benefits of home schooling without the cost! Help is available in getting started and working through the process. Our counselors will work with you to come up with a plan for graduation that contains flexible course choices. Receive one-on-one instruction from subject area specialists and no more grading assignments yourself, unless you want to.

Stay involved with available guardian accounts to monitor your student's progress. Your son or daughter will also be able to participate on the local sports teams here at AHS and TBJH. Laptops or daily computer lab use provided if needed and after school tutoring programs are available. Best of all it's free for students in Michigan.

APS Online Features

  • Grades K-12
  • Full or part-time
  • Free tuition
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Daily computer lab use if needed
  • After school tutoring programs available
  • Participate on local sports teams at AHS and TBJH

If the course you want isn't offered in the traditional setting, or you just can't fit the class you want into your schedule with your other traditional courses, online classes may be the alternative you are looking for.  Students can take up to two Online courses per semester without being considered a full-time Online Student.  The Online course that you want would just replace one of the hours in your regular school day.  It's a two step process:

Step 1 - Fill out the Single Online Class Application Form and return it to your counselor for approval.

Step 2 - Meet with the APS Online Coordinator to discuss program requirements/expectations.