If the course you want isn't offered in the traditional setting, or you just can't fit the class you want into your schedule with your other traditional courses, online classes may be the alternative you are looking for.  Students can take up to two Online courses per semester without being considered a full-time Online Student.  The Online course that you want would just replace one of the hours in your regular school day.  It's a two step process:

Step 1 - Fill out the Single Online Class Application Form and return it to your counselor for approval.

Step 2 - Meet with the APS Online Coordinator to discuss program requirements/expectations.

Check out the Parent Guide to Online Learning

Online Homework Help!

clipart of computerLive online homework help is now available through TUTOR.COM courtesy of the Alpena County Library. Have your Alpena County Library card number ready. Live homework helpers are available to assist with Math, English, Science, and Social Studies from 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM every day for students in grades 4-12. Check it out!