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Pinnacle Gradebook for Students & Families

Pinnacle logins for parents are being reset. New login information will be sent home via US Mail the week of 9/9/13.

The Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV) allows students and parents secure access to information about grades, assignments, and attendance as well as instructional resources to help support student success. Click to view the NEW PARENT PINNACLE USERS GUIDE.

Be sure to edit your profile to give the system your e-mail address once you successfully log in. This will give you a secure way to get password help in case you forget!


Q: What is our family's Pinnacle password?
A: The Pinnacle system generates usernames and a temporary password which we distribute via US Mail. Each family should receive a copy of those letters, which includes login information.

Q: Can we change our Pinnacle password back once we log in?
A: Yes, you MUST change your password when you log in. Each user is required to type in their temporary password and then set a new, private password the first time they log in.

Q: What if I forget my password?
A: Users should be sure to complete their Pinnacle Profile with an e-mail address. The system can then e-mail you if you forget your password.

Q: Who can access Pinnacle?
A: Students and parents from any APS school may log on to Pinnacle.

Q: What about students in grades K-2?
A: Students in the early elementary years do not receive traditional letter grades until 3rd grade. The types of records gathered by teachers in grades K-2 are not usually helpful to parents in the same way records of grades and assignments might be. If you are parent of a child in K-2 and have a concern about your child's progress, it's best to speak to the teacher directly. You may access Pinnacle online, but you'll get much more helpful information about your young child's learning through one-on-one conversation.

Q: Do students and parents get different passwords? What about separated/divorced families?
A: Our system generates usernames and passwords for each individual user. We ask separate families to help by sharing information as appropriate for the benefit of the student.

Q: Is Pinnacle information secure?
A: Yes. No one except your student's teacher(s) or other authorized official (like a building secretary helping with attendance), can access or change Pinnacle information. Your gradebook information is as secure as your username and password, so do not share login information with anyone.

Click the "Pinnacle Family Login" link in the menu at the upper left to get to the Pinnacle login screen.


Thank you!

APS always appreciates your support!